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bright soft yoga combi for men  

discover fine embroidery

discover fine embroidery

whether for small or large appearances. Several fabric layers wrapped around your... 

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    Earth daddy is our home. People are reconnecting more with nature. We rediscover the true meaning of life in our origins and establish a strong connection with nature. The raw materials used by Y-05 are all carefully sourced and thoughtfully considered.Our manufacturer works in accordance with global organic textile standards. The main production facility is located in Portugal, a high quality manufacture. They have 30 years textile know-how, work for well-known fashion brands.We are visionaries, just like all our manufacturers. They fabricate products of the highest quality and are very respectful of the environment.Y-05 aims to create a collective of creative free spirits, where there is room for individual, new ideas and fashion is cultivated as an enrichment.


    Discover the aesthetic and beauty of handmade beadwork. Artisanal embroidery adds elegance and sophistication to clothing.Immersed in the heart of Italy, I found my passion in crafting prestigious embroidery for different projects I had the pleasure working for. From the Cannes Film Festival, to red carpet collections, my daily routine was based on hand-drawn pattern templates, CAD patterns, selection of different beads and stitching techniques.Today, I am thrilled to present a garment that embodies my dedication to preserving embroidery as an artisanal craft.

    The embroidery gives a sparkling touch to the garment, making it uniquely beautiful.


    Yoga is not just a physical practice but a holistic lifestyle that connect the mind, body, and spirit. Beyond the physical postures and breathing techniques, yoga encourages you to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and inner peace. Spiritual awakening is a key aspect of yoga as a lifestyle, involving your interconnectedness with the universe.Through regular practice and self-reflection, you deepen the connection to yourself and experience personal growth, emotional healing, fulfillment. In Kundalini Yoga you may experience the infinite in the finite. I want to offer the yogic lifestyle as a fashion choice, where you can wear my clothing in everyday life or for a special occasion.

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Project in cooperation with the City of Munich 2024 display-window under the arcades"

"Y-05" im #kreativmuenchen-Schaufenster Nr. 1 am Marienplatz

Yvonne Bommel's yoga lifestyle fashion label Y-05, inspired by Kundalini Yoga, attaches great importance to sustainability in the selection of textiles, production and supply chains, shipping and packaging. The aim of Y-05 is to combine luxury and ecology and to present yoga fashion as a multifunctional lifestyle. The concept is to reinterpret beadwork and its special techniques and apply them in a more urban way. Y-05 is a mix of handcrafted embroidery, comfort, eco-certified fabrics, and high convenience. The fashion label strives to expand the fashion and concept into a collective that promotes creativity and offers inspiration. The Window Concept was created in collaboration with @coraminy, set designer from Milan / New York.